Monday, May 4, 2009

What I learned today...

Day 5

Today I learned that my daughter may never have perfect eyes. Last year she had 2 operations on her eyes to correct strabismus (lazy eye) and now she is supposed to wear a patch everyday to help support the surgery. She hates wearing the patch!!! We had a doctors appointment today and he stresses to us that she needs to wear the patch at least 1 hour a day to help! At this point I'm sick of fighting with her about the patch, she doesn't like wearing it at all. It has been almost a year since her second surgery and her eye drifting hasn't improved at all. The doctor must think I have no control over her to get her to wear the patch. But it really stinks when she has opinions of her own and knows she can just take the patch off now!! What is a mother to do? She wore it for about 65 minutes today, so I guess I won for today - YEA me!! My goal is 66 minutes tomorrow!

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