Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blingy Shoes!

My daughter and I added some
bling to her shoes the other day. She had a very plain pair of black flip flops (not sure what else to call them - guess I'm showing my age!) that I thought would look nice with a little sparkle. These are so boring!

So I combed through my crafty stuff and found some bling - from the Dollar Tree - that we could use to add some flair. She was very excited and created a pattern. I used the all knowing hot glue gun to adhere the crystals to the bands of her shoes. I thought they turned out pretty cute! THEN she wanted to run down to her father to show off all the hard work. POP, the jewels started coming off as she ran! The glue didn't really stick to anything because the shoe straps were so smooth. That was a problem and she was a little upset. I went back to the drawing board!

These were the final products! I added some ribbon to the straps first then reapplied the jewels and it seemed to work great! She ran around the house to make sure everything stuck - very cute! Worked great for one whole day. Then next day she put them on and one of the straps broke!!! OMG, I was so mad that I spent a good part of the day decorating and then they broke. There is no way to fix them.



Wendy said...

Cute project! It looks like a lot of fun! :)

Judi M said...

What a fun project to share with your daughter. The ribbon was an inspired idea for solving the glue issues. But that's such a bummer that they broke.

Becky said...

This is a cute project, love those dazzling flip flops

Jennifer Talley said...

What a cute idea! So sad that they broke!

Martha said...

ahh how sad!
but atleast you have an idea of what you want ;)