Friday, May 1, 2009

What I learned today...

When I was teaching, before we had kids, I used to tell my students that they taught me something new every day. Some days it was a real stretch as to what they actually taught me, but I made sure there was an idea, concept, breakthrough, or even they told me a new friend's name. My challenge to myself and you everyone out there in blogworld is to learn something new today and add to my comments or just for your own knowledge. Starting today, I will list something new I learned. My goal is to list new ideas, concepts, or breakthrough for a year! (It seems so far away!)
Day 1 -
Today I learned that my daughter's first grade teacher is going to South Africa for 3 weeks this summer!!! WOW, she is so excited!!

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Jackie said...

You have such a nice blog...I learned how to be more artistic.