Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming up on Christmas again..

Can't believe it is almost Christmas again. It seems like just yesterday we were planning for the big day and making sure the kids are good for Santa! That is always a challenge. As most of us this year, we will be cutting back on the gifts becuase of the economy. My little guys are too young to understand the big idea of the economy so we will be emphasizing the fact that family is the most important thing. Unfotunately my Mom passed away this past February and it will be extremely difficult without her in our lives this season. She was definitley the glue. As long as I can remember all my siblings and their kids met at her house in NY. This year we have no plans to meet up with any of them. My heart aches at the thought of this. This is the start of new traditions in our family.

I pray that everyone has a healthy and safe holiday season.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Daze

My kids are back in school. Actually they started at the end of July because they go to a year around school. We only had 6 week off for summer vacation, and boy did that go FAST!!! As a former teacher, I was used to the 2 months off - and I loved that when I was a teacher. But now that I have to keep a 6 & 7 year old busy during the hot summer days the 6 weeks off is pretty sweet. :)
It is funny when my little guys are back in school and there are so many kids in the grocery store and just around town. At first I think that there CAN'T be this many kids homeschooled!!! It takes a minute to remember that we are the ones with the mixed up schedule!
Hope everyone is having a great September, and enjoy the time when the kids are in school. Also remember to enjoy the kids when they get home from school, the time slips away to fast!!!