Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Made Hair

My daughter has short hair (mostly because I like it that way) but she really wants LONG hair - like Hannah Montana!!!! So I figured that I could MAKE her some hair from ribbon. She likes to buy the fake hair from the dollar store, but it gets all tangles so quickly - I don't like the way it feels either.

I bought 4 small hair bands from the Dollar Tree in different colors. Then used the ribbon from Michaels, the kind that is 5/$1.00 on sale. Took my trusty hot glue gun to adhere the "hair" to the hair bands. Each band has the same color hair. She now has pink, blue, yellow (which is the Hannah Montana hair) and this purple one. I had to slightly burn the ends of the ribbon so they don't unravel. Each wig is different lengths. This purple one is the longest one.

It is really cute to watch her play dress up with the "wigs" on. I love to see her do the "Cher" hair flip when she is singing or just walking around the house.

I used a total of 10 spools of ribbon, which only amounted to $2.00 and the additional $1.00 for the 4 hair bands! Not bad for many afternoons of fun. Not to mention the time we spent together while making them. That was the most fun for me!

Thanks for looking.


Martha said...

very cute.

Melissa said...

What a cute idea. I may do this for my Daughter she is 4 years old and loves to pretend and play dress up!