Monday, April 27, 2009

Wine Glass or Scissor Charms

I love using the shrink paper to make stuff! Here I used it to make some wine glass or scissor charms. After being at a small ladies night at a friends house I thought it would be funny to give each guest a label based on their personalities. Used my Sizzix letter die cuts on the shrink paper, and colored in with colored pencils. At the time that I bought them, Michaels had the wine charms on clearance 4 for $.25!!!! (Can't beat that price! So I just bought all of them and changed out the charms.)
Each letter has a word on it, I thought it would be funny if each person had an adjective for themselves at a party. Then when someone misplaces their drink, the hostess can ask "Who is the DIVA? or Who is SASSY?" :-)

I know my handwriting isn't the best, but couldn't figure out how else to put the letters on the die cuts. Anyone have ideas???? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Not sure if you can read them -
E - excited
P - p*ss*d
H (pink) - humble
A - airhead
H (orange) - happy
S - sexy, D - diva
and S (green) - sassy


Cheryl Walker said...

Those are soooo cute, I know Ross sells sets of them for super cheap!!! What an Idea to use them on cards, tooo sweet!!!

Tiffany Bauer said...

These are too cute!!! TFS!!

Check out my blog today for some excitement that is for today only!!!

Janet said...

these are adorable!!

Cassie said...


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kk127g said...

Great Blog. I really love how the coasters came out. I couldn't find where to post on that post.
Thanks for sharing.