Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and of course when I hear WEEK that means Friday!!! I can never get my act together enough to have gifts ready on Mon - Thurs!

This year I wanted to make a special THANKS for my 2 kids' teachers. They are very nice ladies who work extremely hard every day. My kids really like their teachers which makes the year seem so much better. From my experience as a teacher I know that if a student does not like you the year seems to drag on for the teacher and student!!

In the card I told each teacher that they are a Star in my child's eyes - (a blue plate just seem appropriate here for a STAR!)

Then I said that I would say THANKS a million times for all the hard work if I could but I'll just say it 3 times - Once in German...

Once in French...

And finally in English...

Each child wrote a quick card, and I added my appreciation. I hope they liked the gifts. Now I have to come up with another idea for an end of the year gift!
Thanks for looking.

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Cassie said...

what a neat project!