Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo Albums

Recently, I created a couple photo albums for a silent auction for my kids' preschool. This used an candy container (don't remember what was in it) to hold the circles. I just used my Cricut to make the circles, and adhered a ribbon between the front and back to make a chain. It folded up like an accordian to fit back in.

I also used some black gift bags (bought them when they were on sale at Michaels 5/$1.00!!) to make the front and back covers and the pages. Used the Stampin Up sunflower stamp set to decorate the cover. Sunflowers are such a happy flower!!! Then I adhered a piece of white cardstock to the front back of each page then put an additional piece of paper inside each bag, to make more room for pictures, text, etc.

There weren't any embellishments or colorful cardstock because I remember doing this at the last minute and not having enough time to add everything I wanted to. Everyone seemed to like them at the auction.

Not sure if you can see how I did the card stock on the inside of each page.