Friday, May 1, 2009

Crafting Sponge Idea

I was thinking about how many sponges I use when enhancing my stamped cards and crafts. Well, I was thinking about the cost of the sponges, so I said to myself - "Self, why not get one of those BIG sponges at the Dollar Tree and cut it up?"

So that is exactly what I did!! On my last trip to the Dollar Tree I bought a car sponge, as you guessed it, for $1.00. So for only one buck, I got almost 20 craft sponges. YEA!!!! Love it when I get a bargain!

They work exactly the same as the other sponges that I was using! LOVE the dollar store!
Try it!!


~*Joni said...

Hi Cathy! I LOVE this idea!! OMword, I am a thrifty person by nature so this makes so much sense. I also have a little tip on how to keep your fingers ink free on my blog (yesterday's post). Just use a clip (chip clip, clothespin, etc.) to hold it while you work. :D Thanks for the fab idea!!

Wendy said...

What a great deal! Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

Heidi said...

heehee.... this is a great idea! thanks for sharing

Michelle said...

i do this too! isnt it a fab idea?? and very cost effective i think..
my dolar store sells a bag of these..numerous diff sizes..(i think they look like odds and ends form factory cuts..(leftovers).....all in a hge bag...for $1
this is what i call a genuine STEAL!


Cr8ive ME said...

what a great idea.

M.E. aka CMCMaryD@SCS