Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sunglasses done MY WAY

I found these sunglasses in 5 BELOW and liked the shade of the lenses.  They seemed to be darker than some of my other glasses.  I know I'm a sunglasses hoarder, but these seemed different than the other pairs that I own.  Had to have them.
 The only part I didn't like was the design on the sides.  It looks textured but that is just painted on design. 

So I thought I could just add my own little bling to the glasses.  My opinion is that there isn't anything that a little spray paint can't fix!!  

I dug out my can of trusty YELLOW paint and went to work..... 

 I covered the lenses with aluminum foil and brightened up the glasses.  Very easy peasy!  The foil is easy to shape and completely cover the glasses or anything you want to spray paint.

I love the finished product.  

They turned out pretty nice.  

Sorry about my wet hair in this picture, but I'm happy with my new glasses. 

Thanks for looking. 

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