Sunday, August 30, 2015

Neck Tie to Camera Case

My favorite color is yellow and my favorite flower is the sunflower.  It just seems so HAPPY even when the flower seems to be hanging it's head down, the yellowish/orangeish flower makes me think it is happy about something.  

I found this AWESOME men's necktie at Goodwill and had to have it.  

Sorry about the colors, not sure why one seems darker.  Anyway, I knew I would be able to make SOMETHING from this fabulous tie.  

The first thing I did was take some really sharp scissors and split the tie up the back seam.   The tie opened up to a pretty good sized piece of fabric.  
I forgot to take pictures of the sunflower tie so I had another one that I'll show how to 
 open up. Start with a pair of sharp, small scissors.

Start snipping up the back seam, very carefully. 

You will see the flexible stabilizer hidden inside the tie.  Keep snipping all the way up the back seam.  
Taaa Daaa!!  
I separated the inner part from the cute yellow fabric.  
 Next you have to take off the white part from both ends of the fabric. 

Again, use sharp scissors and go slowly.  
Finally I ironed the fabric and you will see that there is big piece of fabric that can be recycled. 

 I LOVE the way it turned out.  The little yellow "tabs" you see are the ends of the black handles, that is where I sewed them together.  That is the worst part of the project, but wasn't sure how else to secure the ends.  I think I'll have to take another look at the situation!  The black handle is from my dog's broken retractable dog leash.  It was pulled all the way out and wouldn't go back in.  When it happened I put the leash away in a closet knowing I would be able to use it for something.  It worked out perfectly for this project. 
My camera fits perfectly in the new case!  Love it.  

There is even enough room for my accessories in the case.  

Can't wait to try this type of project again.  

Thanks for looking.  

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