Friday, August 14, 2015

Easy Change to an Old Basket

I found this super cute basket at a second hand store and wanted to update it a little. 
I liked the shape and the handle on the back of the top.  It is easier to hang on a wall with a handle attached on the back side.  
 Loved the basket, but not the weird bow and colors. 
Of course I had to use up my favorite color of spray paint!!  Grabbed my trusty can of yellow spray paint and went to work. 

First had to take off the bow from the front.  It was easy, just slid right off the basket.  

Next just sprayed the basket until it was completely covered.  

Finally I created a liner for the newly painted basket.  Used some scrap of fabric to make the top part of the liner and then just a small piece of white to finish off the liner.  I ran out of the flowered fabric!!  

 Not sure if I LOVE the polka dotted flower on the front, but it seemed to fit in with the color scheme!  And, as I look at it now I like it even less!!!  Fortunately for me, I only put a couple stitches on the flower to hold it into place.  Makes it easy to change.  

Thanks for looking.

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