Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Angel Gets Her Wings

A dear friend, Xenia, of mine lost her struggle with lung cancer. Her daughter is one of my son's best friends. She is also in my daughter's gymnastics class. It was heart breaking since she hadn't reached her 40th birthday. My heart aches for this family.
For her daughter I created this night light so that her mother is always with her. I cried when I gave her this tiny gift that I hoped would make all her pain go away. Her dad says that she loves to have all the lights out at night so she can see her mother before she falls asleep. Such a beautiful thought. I know this angel has received her wings already. She was an angel here on earth who always had a smile on her face no matter what she was going through. Xenia gave me hope even when everything looked so bleak.
She is missed so much by everyone, especially her 8 year old daughter.
God Bless Xenia.

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cindy said...

What an amazing gift for this little see her mom at night before falling asleep. I love it!