Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Rose Shopping Bag

I think I've become an offical "bag lady"!! I LOVE finding reusable shopping bags. It just makes sense to me to use these types of bags rather than the plastic ones from stores.
About 2 months ago, I found this blah bag at Michaels in a clearance rack for only $.99!! I was so excited so of course I bought it with no real project in mind. Picked a up a couple of them for future projects too!! They were only $.99, couldn't pass them up.

Recently I've been wanting to learn to make ribbon roses. Since you can learn just about anything on YouTube, I researched how to make them and found some awesome resources. This one was my favorite one! Check it out! Now that I look back the roses in the video are much nicer than mine - I'll have to practice more! Here is a sample of my roses for the bag. I only put ribbon leaves on some of the flowers.

After practicing and accumulating a bunch of the roses, I remembered the bags that I found at Michaels. YEA!! The two ideas came together so nicely. Add the yellow roses to make a reusable shopping bag. At WalMart I found this green tulle that would make a nice background for the roses.
Using my hot glue gun, I adhered the roses to the top border of the bag and TA DA!! My finished project. I love it. The bottom part is a little boring but I love the roses.

This is the roses upclose. Not the best picture, but thought it would give a better upclose view.

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