Sunday, December 26, 2010

Football Table for Hubby

This year for Christmas I thought it would be cute to make a Virginia Tech football table for my husband and son. In my mind they would play with those paper footballs (you know the ones from elementary school!) and have little competitions. So I found this perfect folding table in Wal-Mart.
Started by painting the "grass" around the field.

Next I painted the inner field part maroon. This was fairly easy using painters tape to set up the lines. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the part with the tape attached.

The lines were next. I measured 1.5 inches for each 10 yards. I used a white paint pen (found it in Michael's by accident while looking for some other "stuff") that made adding the lines easy. Unfortunately I made a couple mistakes and had to go over the lines again with maroon paint then the white a second time. The orange goal areas were the last painting part. Again I used the painters tape to set off the parts I wanted to paint then spray painted the areas. I like the way the orange and maroon paints looked IRL. Kinda shiny, but you can't tell in these pictures.

Then I used stamps to add the line numbers. The VT in the middle is a stickers I swiped from my husband's office. Don't think he even noticed! And, it fits perfectly here.
Some final embellishments were added just for fun and TAAAA DAAAA......
The final project!! He was pretty surprised when he saw it finally done! I forgot to make some paper footballs to go along with it, but that is OK because he used it to have breakfast on it Christmas morning! GO HOKIES!!
Happy New Year to everyone!
Thanks for looking.

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