Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dollar Tree Stocking Reusable Shopping Bag

On one of my latest trips to the Dollar Tree, I found this awesome oversized stocking. Loved it immediately, and knew exactly what I was going to create with it! This was the original size, forgot to measure it before starting the project but this shows that it is longer than the "average" stocking.
I wanted to create a reusable shopping bag with this! At first I wasn't positive HOW it was going to be done, but I knew there was a WAY of doing it!

I found this FREE shopping bag in my car and knew it would be perfect for my stocking project.

As you can see it fit perfectly in the stocking. It made the bag stronger and I wouldn't have to create a way to add handles.

Next I just folded over the top to see how much it needed to be shortened before stuffing in the bag. At this point I haven't used a sewing machine (of course I don't own one yet - asked Santa for one though. Keeping my fingers crossed!) just a hot glue gun. So after folding over the top and making the bag a little shorter I hot glued the top part over (The remote control is there to give a little perspective on the size, guess it doesn't really need to be there!).

Folding top back up.

This is a close up of the folded over top. You can't even see where the hot glue went! Love it!!
The project is getting there......

Finally I added the red shopping bag and hot glued that in place. At this point I wanted to make sure nothing fell between the stocking and shopping bag so I did hand stitch the top of the bag. Just as extra insurance.

And, TA DAAAAA here is the final project. I LOVE it! The red handles look like the are a part of the stocking, can't even tell there is another bag inside.
My daughter is displaying it for me! I've used it many times already and have received tons of comments on it. I'm just sad that I can only use it for the rest of the month!

I wanted to add
MOM to the top of the bag, just like a real stocking. My husband says to add something like I'm GREEN and Jolly! Funny!
Thanks for looking!
Happy Holidays,


Louise said...

This is SOOOO cute! Brilliant project.

Heather - dollarstorecrafts said...

I love that big stocking. I got one too... but I just had to hang it up. It cracks me up. Your shopping bag is cute, and such a great quick trick for making it!

Heather - dollarstorecrafts said...

Okay, I was so impressed that I decided to feature your bag on Dollar Store Crafts today! :)

tania said...

What a terrific project.