Sunday, July 26, 2015

Found some extra Jeans - so I made a BAG!!!

While cleaning up my bedroom I found some old jeans that I don't wear any more.  Thought about donating them to Goodwill, but then, hmmmmm, I could create SOMETHING from them!!!  
Checked out YouTube for something to inspire me, and came across a Quilt as You Go video.  This was the first one to get me thinking, and this second one shows how to start with a piece in the center of the project and work around it. 

I started with the pocket and worked out and around that shape.  It isn't perfect but the final project is ok.  
This is the back view.  Wanted to make it different from the front.  


Finally, this is the inside of the bag.  Looking at it now, I don't love the fabric I chose to line it. 

Thanks for looking, have a great day, 

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