Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Where does the time GO??

I never would have thought that it has been well over a year since my last post!!! So much has been happening, and unfortunately my crafting and blogging has been put on the back burner!  Hate it when that happens.
My most recent INJURY has really kicked my butt!!  This past February I was walking my dogs before work and tripped in a small pot hole.  I don't remember falling but do remember the EXTREME pain.  It was a crazy fall because there wasn't any ice that day, just freezing cold.  Had to call for backup - my sister came to the rescue to get the dogs (she lives in the same neighborhood), call an ambulance - I couldn't get up off the icy cold street, and husband met us at the hospital. 
Long (gross) story short - this is what the surgeon added to my left shoulder.  I dislocated, fractured in 3 spots and broke off the top of the humorous - big OUCH!!!  Those little oval looking things are the staples before he took them out, there were a total of 38.  That is a long metal plate and some screws holding me together.  Was out of work for 2.5 months and couldn't drive that entire time.  I hated it! 

Anyway, I'm on the mend now.  Saw the surgeon last week and he said possible 2nd surgery because physical therapy isn't going as well as expected, have to get a CT to check on everything then back to see Dr.. Hoping he has good news for me - like he can sprinkle some magic fairy glitter on my arm and it will be back to normal soon.  I won't hold my breath for that though. 

Thanks for letting my catch up a little. 
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Have a great day.

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