Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding GIfts

A lady that I work with is getting married this summer and moving away.  So sad, she is such a sweet person.  I will miss her dearly. 

Unfortunately I don't know any colors in her house, made it hard to make personalized gifts that will match her house, so I made up my own colors for her!! Hope she likes them.  

First I made (what I call) a DRINK PILLOW.  I saw something like this in a store and thought "I can make that myself!". So I did.  Right now I don't have any directions on how to make it, but that is my next project.  
I use my pillow when relaxing in front of the TV and don't have a table near me to put my drink on.  

 This is the top of it, you can see the "holder part" right in the middle.

This is the back side, I used a contrasting color.

And, this is what it looks like with a refreshing drink being kept safe and cold on the couch.  

Next I made some BOWL COZIES for her microwave safe bowls.  This is the bowl heat protectors idea I used.  It was very helpful.  I didn't use the batting to make it stronger and heat safe. My idea was to use a 100% cotton dish towel and the protector.  I just cut up an old towel to fit the bottom of the bowl.  I found that there was too much bulk when sewing the 2 sides together.  I tested them in the microwave to make sure they didn't catch on fire or ruin my microwave.  Works perfectly. 


Next, I went to my friend's FaceBook page and saved a couple of her engagement pictures to my computer and made a few coasters.  In the past I printed out on tissue paper then Mod Podged them on to the coasters, but my printer has been giving my problems.  So I thought - hmmm wonder if I could use the pictures.  It worked!! 

Again, Cute

Next I used one of the pictures to make a personalized clock.  I'll post directions for this one - I promise!

She is so adorable! 

Finally, I found this AWESOME tutorial on how to make fabric bowls.  I thought it would be neat to have a couple to use throughout the year.  And, once I made one I couldn't stop!!  Started with a Valentine's Day bowl.
Next was a Memorial Day/ July 4th bowl. 
A couple different styles for Halloween, she has to be able to put the candy in something cute!

The tall Halloween one is almost the same as the Memorial Day one.  The Crafty Gemini has a basket tutorial I used, just didn't add the handle.  She shows how to make the basket with the corners inside. 

Finally a Christmas bowl.  Also made some TEENY TINY bowls with scraps.  You can see how small they are next to the thimble.  

Sorry but I can't get that middle picture to turn the right way!! Frustrating. 

Then I made a couple extra-cute baskets just because I was on a roll and couldn't stop.  

The pink and yellow one has a cardboard square on the bottom to make it a little stronger.  

I hope she likes everything.  

Thanks so much for looking. 

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