Saturday, October 13, 2012

Addition to Shower Curtain Rings....

 An addition to a previous post about a bathroom update!!!  After updating the shower curtain rings I thought I should improve on the shower curtain.  Click here to see curtain ring update.  The white one we had was about 15 years old.   It wasn't very exciting and just needed a slight kick in the pants!!!  LOL.  So I found a bunch of fabric scraps that I had around the house and "quilted" together a new curtain. 

You can see the flowered rings and my new curtain.  I'm glad you can't get too close to it to see all the tiny mistakes that I made!! 
 The white scrap in the middle of the picture below is the old curtain.  Thought it wouldn't be bad to reuse a piece of the old one. 
 The white fabric at the top (that the rings are hanging from) is my old curtain.  I used that so I didn't have to add all the button holes!  Made it a lot easier. 
Also, I use an extra curtain rod to hang towels from.  I like it better than having the towels over the actual curtain rod, I feel like the bath towel doesn't get totally dry if it is touching the wet shower liner.  
I know what you are thinking - she is really weird!!!  Guess so! 

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