Friday, August 31, 2012

Shower Curtin Rings

I was getting sick of looking at our Virginia Tech shower curtain holders. We have had them in the master bath for a couple years and I needed a change! This was the before look. Wasn't sure what to change it to, but the idea hit me while walking around in the Dollar Tree.

I saw these shower curtain rings and I knew that I had a TON of fabric flowers carefully stored at home (that of course means they were stuffed in a shoe box!). So I made the connection - improve the shower look and use up some of my flowers! BINGO!!

I dug through my box of flowers and found all the yellow-ish ones! Yellow is my favorite color and thought it would brighten up the small bathroom. I just sewed the flowers to the each one of the rings then secured it with a little hot glue. Presto!! I think they look better than the VT hooks.

I took a close up of each group.....

Not too bad! Not perfect but it will do for now! :-)

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

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