Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grocery Bag from Scraps

Mmmmm what to do with my fabric scraps and an old pillow case???? I admit I'm a "bag lady"!! So what else is there to make but a reusable bag. Easy peasy!

This is a small selection from my MOUNTAIN of fabric scraps! I had an idea just itching at my brain - to make a reusable grocery bag from a pillowcase. It seemed so easy to me.... just cut the scraps and sew them together.
I started by cutting 3.5 inch strips from each fabric. They were all the same length so I didn't have to decide on a length! The measurements were purely by chance! I was just hoping that they would work out, no pre-planning involved here!
After cutting all the strips, just sewed the pieces together.
Next I folded the "quilt-like" pieces in half lengthwise and cut. This was to make both sides of the bag.
To make sure the pillowcase fit just right, I cut that after making the quilt part. And, to my surprise the width was just right. I had to trim up the length by cutting the pillowcase. Not a big deal.
Because I'm a wild and crazy kinda girl, I put one side vertical stripes.....

and the other side horizontal stripes! Cute! The handles are made from 3.5 inch strips also.

To make sure the pillowcase stayed securely in the bag, I sewed buttons on the bottom corners. It looks nice and serves a purpose.

Finally, as an added touch and to secure the handles in place I sewed buttons at the base of each handle. Buttons are my favorite embellishment! Love it.

Sorry I don't have more pictures for you to see. I have to get better at taking pictures while working.

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