Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kitchen Hand Towels

While looking around on PINTEREST I saw these super cute dish towels. My first thought was "I can do that...." No problem! Except I don't have the patience or the expertise to make these. Nor to do I seem to have the time!!
I love the look of these and this would make it so much easier to keep the dish towels off the floor! Check out the details here.

And then I saw another idea for keeping towels off the floor! Check it out here.
These are awesome ideas!!! However I am NOT that motivated to alter each towel!!! I needed an idea that was a little simpler, a little less work for me!

My first thought was to sew buttons and button holes on each towel. I love the look but again too much work!  Button holes AND sew on buttons - not enough time! 

There were a couple other ideas involved between this idea and the final creation, but I'm not brave enough to show them to the 10 people who may look at this! Not sure if this is a combination of a couple ideas or if I saw it somewhere while checking out blogs, but this is the best one for me. I thought of this as a way to create the strap on the oven door and not have to make alterations on each towel. The final result helps to keep the kitchen towels OFF the floor.  Anyone else have that problem??  Drives me crazy!

This is the towel holder with all the pieces taken apart. Makes it very easy to change towels out and since the straps are made from fabric scraps they can be washed and it is SO easy to make.

Not sure if this is enough details to show my ideas, but this shows the basics.  I hope!  :)

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