Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift

This year for Valentine's Day I made these gifts for my kids' teachers. They are always a hit with everyone. Pretty easy to make too. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the process to make them. This is the final project this year. These were a lot more work than I anticipated. The vases were more involved than my previous vases made from candy bars.
They are very cute though. But of course I didn't start until the night before so it was hard to get everything done in one night.
Filling the vases was more expensive than I anticipated too. Bought the vases at the Dollar Tree, maybe I should have gone for a smaller one, then I wouldn't have had to fill with so many treats!
Below are chocolate rose vases from previous years. These two look so BLAH, boring! YAWN!! I'm sure I added green ribbon as the leaves but can't find a picture of them - Sorry! To make the vases I hot glued 4 Hersey's bars around a piece of styrofoam, then filled with either M&M's or some conversation hearts. They are very cute and make everyone smile.

These are easy to change up for a birthday gift too. Add some balloons and use "birthday-ish ribbon" to decorate the choco vases. They turn out very cute.

Thanks for looking!

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