Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Converted Shoe Box

In February I needed a new storage box for some extra "stuff" in my bathroom. Didn't want to go out and spend money on it so I found a shoe box and some cute fabric and of course my "best crafting friend" the hot glue gun! The best part was that there wasn't any sewing involved!

This is my shoe box and yellow fabric (yellow is my favorite color). I thought it would brighten up my dull bathroom.
Started by folding over the edge of the fabric to make a clean looking edge.
Next I just covered the box like a present. Didn't take any pictures of this step but it was just like wrapping a present. Wasn't difficult at all.

The final box. After it was done I thought it needed an extra detail, so I put some ribbon that I had on hand. This was from the Dollar Bin at Michaels.
Looks pretty good. I put some extra toothpaste and tooth brushes in it. Not too bad.

Thanks for looking

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