Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Valentine's Day for Hubby

This year for Valentine's Day I wanted to do something "cute" and inexpensive for my husband. Didn't want to go too crazy with all the candy and hearts stuff. He really isn't in to all that.

I wanted to do something that reminded me of the old initials carved in a tree trunk. I always loved that when someone took the time to carve their initials and a heart in a tree! So sweet, also showed that it would be there forever! That thought kept going through my head, hmmmm..... not sure on how to replicate that idea.

I thought a wooden frame with our initials on it! YES, that's the answer!

This is what it looked like before painting and assembling.
tTaaaa Daaaa! Here is the final project! He said he loved it! Now hanging in his home office. Thanks for looking. Have a great day!


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