Friday, August 16, 2013

iPad Carrier

I wanted to make my own IPad carrier to use when substituting.  I started with a book that I found at Goodwill for just $2.00!!  Love that bargain.  Make sure the book is a little bigger than the IPad so there is some extra room to protect the IPad.  This was a perfect size.  
Next I used my rotary cutter to take out all the pages.  This made quite a mess, so I would advise doing it outside or doing this over newspaper or something like that. 
Next I just measured the book and cut the outside fabric for the carrier.  I also added an old kitchen towel to the inside as some extra padding.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that step.  Just trim and hot glue the towel inside and you're good to go. 

Next I added the inner fabric to cover the towel.   I also sewed in a small pocket so I could carry my Smart Board adapter.  
Finally, the handles.  I needed a way to keep the IPad securely in the holder and had a handle attached.  This was my solution.  Not sure if it the best way but I like it.  The strap around the sides hold it securely in the holder.  I can easily take the IPad out without unbuttoning the side straps too.  

I like the final product.  So cute, and the other teachers are so jealous of this!!!  LOL!
The final cost of the project was about $2.00, I had the fabric, and the old kitchen towel on hand. Only had to buy the old book.    
Thanks for looking, have a great day.

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