Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Try at Fabric Spray Paint

I saw this cute spray fabric paint in Tuesday Morning, and I knew there was something I could do with it. So of course I bought it without having an exact idea of what to do with it. Thought I would contemplate it! So, being the "bag lady" that I am, thought I could spruce up one of my bags. Make it a little cuter, and try out the spray paint. Used my Sizzix to cut letters from shelf liner (has sticky back and is cheaper than vinyl!).
Next adhered the letters to my bag. This bag is from 5 Below, a store that sells all items for $5 or less! Kinda like the Dollar store. So I figured that if it didn't turn out exactly right, it wouldn't be a great loss! Randomly sprayed the paint over the letters and waited a couple minutes. Finally took the letters off! TAaaa DAaaaa! Not too bad. Next time I'll have to think of something cuter to put on the bag! Not too bad for my first try.

Thanks for looking and have a great day. Cathy

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