Thursday, July 14, 2011

One More Bag Creation

As I've admitted before, I'm a bag-aholic!! I'm checking on a 12 step program for this addiction!! Love creating and using reusable shopping bags. I have so many it is hard to count because they are everywhere and I forget where they are "stored"! (And by stored I mean I've put them somewhere and now I have no idea where they are!) Here is my latest creation, started with a 12"x18" canvas bag - BORING!!! With the help of my tons of material scraps, I added embellishments to spruce it up a little. Just kept making fabric flowers and hot gluing them onto the bag until it was all covered.

Hard to see some of the flowers, so here are a couple upclose. The black ones are difficult to see, but they are constructed like the purple one shown here.

Some are made with ribbon and some are from material scraps.

The gold one is from some type of wire mesh, not sure where I found this stuff!

The one with red and yellow is scraps from an old bed sheet. I used it for many projects, including one where I made a throw pillow! Stay tuned for details about that project. This is a sample of how I did the yellow/red stripes. Started with strip of bed sheet, added the stripes with a Sharpie marker and rolled it into a flower.

Probably more information than you ever thought you'd need, but there it is - my latest reusable shopping bag!

Thanks for looking and have a great day,


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Michelle said...

What a fun bag with flowers. And yeah, the umbrella wreath is sooo stinkin' cute! :)