Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Thought it was a Good Idea...

In June, I promised my 9 year old daughter that should could do a tie dying project and at the time it seemed like a FUN idea!! Yesterday we finally got around to working on the project. However, I didn't think it all the way through. My grand idea was to tie dye a set of sheets for her full size bed. I didn't anticipate the mess it would make to do such large pieces. When applying the dye to each piece, it dye on the grass, then we had to walk around, and sit in the grass to finish each one. Forgetting that the grass was mess, we both got it on the bottom of our feet and on the back of our shorts! OOPS, but my shorts were black, so it didn't show up but hers were ruined. Oh well, live and learn!

These are the four pieces that I used rubber bands for the designs. There are 2 pillow cases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. I used 4 different patterns for the whole set. I added a YouTube video for each folding technique because I didn't take pictures of each piece. Didn't think that far ahead! Hope it helps, each video shows the technique used, there is also some other info about dying but it does not reflect my procedure.

She was very excited to get her gloves on and get ready to start dying!
This first one is the top sheet and I used a basic spiral to tie it up. You can check out the procedure here to see how it is done. Just an FYI - I found this person on YouTube, I don't know him just thought he did a good job of showing the technique.
This is one of the pillow cases. I just crinkled up the case, then put rubber bands at various places. That was the easiest one to do because it was so small.
This is the second case. The technique used to fold is found here, then used the squirter bottles to add the dye.
Finally, this is the fitted sheet. I used the concentric circles folding technique to make this one. You can see the procedure here. Again, I used the procedure then used squirte bottles to add the dye.
** Notice I used a tie dye effect with the font color!! :-)

The next post has pictures of the final project. Check it out!!

Thanks looking, have a great day!

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