Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Idea

This is a hand held mirror that I had in my "to-do" craft box. Not sure what I was going to do with it, but it was in there. I spotted it the other day and it hit me (OUCH!) I could embellish it and give it to my daughter for Christmas. She LOVES pink and purple so I only had to add some pink stuff. While stolling through Michaels I spotted this cute pink stuff, not sure what it is called. All I had to do is get my trusty hot glue gun and PRESTO!!

I started out by wrapping and gluing around the handle of the mirror. That part wasn't too bad, it was easy to contain the glue!

As I got to the back of the mirror, it was harder to keep the glue where it was supposed to be and not all over the pink boa! But I think it was OK.
And TA DAAAAA, here is the final project! Pretty cute, I know she will love it. At 8 years old she loves to dress up and look in the mirror! One day I actually heard her saying, "I can't stop looking at myself becuase I'm so cute!" Now there is one confident girl!! I know she will enjoy this gift.
This is a view from the back.
This is the wrapper that the pink boa stuff came in. It was just wrapped around the cardboard.
Thanks for looking, and Happy Holidays!

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