Thursday, December 31, 2009

Multiple Gift Card Holder

This year I had a very hard time finding a gift for a good friend of mine. She seems to have everything! Do you have any friends or family like that? My only thought was to get her a gift card, but it seems so generic and impersonal, then I thought maybe a couple cards, then I figured maybe a little "booklet" of gift cards to her favorite places to shop! YEA, that was when my craftyness kicked in! Create a booklet of cards for her to use in a variety of stores!

After a trial basis to find measurements, this is what I came up with -

Started with a piece of card stock 5.25" by 3.5 inches. Scored it at 1.75" down the middle, and .75" from each end.

Next folded the score marks and made cuts so it would be easy to fold and adhere. Used my circle punch to make the half circle in the middle.

This is what my little project looked like after making 8 card holders and making the outside of the booklet. Not sure if you can tell but I put the Michael's gift card first in the stack.
I didn't have any stamps or stickers for Chanukah, so I used the basic blue paper and some snowflakes.

Finally I added the cover with embossed snowflakes then brushed blue ink over them to make them stand out. Hope she likes it!

This is the final project.
Thanks for looking.
Happy New Year!

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Linda's Craziness said...

What a great idea. I may have to put that in my file of try this.