Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Altered Valentine's Day Frame

This is a frame I created for my husband for Valentine's Day this year. I bought a container of the sprinkles from the Target $1.00 section, it had hearts and red/white/pink sprinkles included. They were very cute and I knew if I bought it I would think of something to do with it. Never did I think it would be so time consuming! The frame was from Ikea, it was about $1.00 or $1.50 something like that. I think it was just an unfinished wood frame so had to spray paint it red to match the VDay theme! Then I had to pick out just the little hearts and separate from all the other tiny little pieces in the jar. Used Mod Podge to adhere to the frame. My kids started out helping but got bored with the project quickly!! Bummer, cheap help is so hard to find!! LOL This actually took me longer than I thought because I ran out of hearts and had to run back to Target and pray that they had more of the cake decorations! Thankfully they did. The total project took about 2 full days of work, which included drying time, to finish. Lots of work with little pieces, not my best work - my eyes are not as good as they used to be!

I think it turned out pretty nice, but as you can see I haven't put a picture in it yet! He has seen the final picture, but is still waiting for me to add a picture. Maybe by Valentine's Day 2010. Below is a close up of the tiny hearts. Thanks for looking!

Thanks for taking a peek!


Monica said...

Wow, a lot of work and it came out fabulous!

Cheryl Walker said...

Beautiful frame!!!! I love all the little hearts, and it turned out perfect!!! Yes im sure it was alot of One time I used beads to fill in hearts, and to frame hearts on cards, and that toook forever...:)

Hope you have a nice day!!

BananaStamper said...

Fun idea!