Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lanyard to CUP HOLDER

Have you seen those Yeti - like cups that keep your drinks ice cold or steamy hot for hours???  I LOVE those things.  And, in my opinion, they REALLY do work at keeping my drinks at the temp I want.  Anyway, while wasting my afternoon on YouTube, I saw this video and and this one, they made me think I could do something like that with a lanyard. My husband (AKA biggest Virginia Tech HOKIE fan on the planet!) had an old VT lanyard that he didn't use any more so I thought, and thought, and thought..... it COULD be made into a cup holder.

This is what the original lanyard looked like.  I forgot to take a picture before cutting it, so this was after the initial cut!

First I measured the distance around the top and bottom of the cup.  

I made sure the strap was VERY TIGHT at each part, and to leave a little space to sew the next part on. 

These are the sections that I cut. The one near the bottom of the cup, the one with the clip on it, is extra.  Didn't use that part, I'm saving it for another project! 

Of course I forgot to take pictures of me sewing the straps together, but you can see from the following pictures that I made sure each strap was positioned correctly (the words were facing the right way!) and hand sewed the handle to the the top and bottom strap.  It isn't prefect, but it works.  I need to find another way to do the last step to make it look better.  
Final project!!  He loved it. 

Thanks for looking. 
Have a great day.


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