Saturday, January 7, 2012

Personalized Wedding Gift Idea

Back in November a friend was getting married and I wanted to make a personalized gift for her and her new hubby. They are a rather young couple so I thought a set of beer mugs would be clever. I used my previous ideas (here and here) from teacher appreciation gifts and applied it to this one!

Went to the Dollar Tree (my personal fave!) and bought 3 beer mugs. I like to have one extra in case of an "oops!". Used my Cricut machine to cut out a Mr. and Mrs. label out of vinyl for the glasses. I use the sticky stuff to cover drawer bottoms and cupboards, it is much cheaper than the stuff for craft projects. Sorry forgot to take a pic of that step!

After sticking the vinyl on the glasses had to curve up the plastic so the etching stuff didn't drip down the side of the glass. Watch this step carefully because the cream does drip and will ruin the project if it gets on the other parts of the glass.

Both glasses turned out pretty nice. The new Mr and Mrs Yoko loved them!!

Very cute personalized wedding gift!

Thanks for looking.

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