Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of Year Teacher Gifts

June crept up on me and it was so late in getting my teacher gifts together there wasn't enough time to create something cute! I went to me back-up plan! While walking through the Dollar Tree I saw some FUN things that I thought would make a great teacher gift. Started with the styrofoam cooler, then after walking around there were so many items that would be great as summer "things"!

Summer means July 4th to me! So I found some great Independence Day things that I would enjoy getting! The little red flip-flop looking thing is a nail kit (had a nail clipper, nail file and 2 other things but can't remember what they were!).

Finally the wrapping up was the most difficult part! Had to make 4 of these gifts, so carrying them into school was so funny! On the way into the building I dropped one, and broke the side of another one. GASP! With a litte extra glue, everything was good as new!

They were a big hit! Everyone LOVED them.

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