Friday, September 18, 2009

Wine Charms

This is an idea I had (but it didn't turn out exactly as I had in mind) for a birthday gift for a friend.
To make the letters I used my Sizzix letter die cuts on shrink paper, and colored in with colored pencils. Each letter has a word on it, I thought it would be funny if each person had an adjective for themselves at a party. Then when someone misplaces their drink, the hostess can ask "Who is the DIVA? or Who is SASSY? Just makes me giggle! I know my handwriting isn't the best, but couldn't figure out how else to put the letters on the die cuts. I would love any ideas or suggestions.

Not sure if you can read them
E - excited
P - p*ss*ed
H - (pink) humble
A - airhead
H - (orange) happy
S - sexy
D- diva
S - (green) sassy

A couple of months ago Michaels had the wine charms on clearance 4 for $.25!!! Can't beat that price!! So I bought all of them and changed out the charms.

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